About Us

Skylark is a one-stop production facility offering digital audio recording, mixing, editing, pre-mastering, ADR/Looping and production services for interactive games, DVD bonus features, Radio / Television & Theatrical productions, talking toys, books on tape, and much more. Skylark offers these services for both English and foreign language productions.

Our team has built a solid reputation in the voice-over industry, contributing to literally hundreds of projects over the years.

Whether your needs are creative, administrative, or strictly technical, Skylark will work with you to simplify and streamline the production process for your next voice-over project.

The Skylark Advantage


Skylark Sound Studios utilizes QuickScript software (a hard disk recording system) which allows each recorded "take" to be immediately and uniquely named during the session with pre-specified file names. QuickScript was designed with game developers in mind as a proactive "asset management" tool. Individual, isolated "keeper" takes are readily available eliminating as much as 30% of post production editing time required, making audio programming quick and convenient.

Skylark offers its clients access to the diverse technical resources of a specialized recording studio that also offers innovative and proactive production services on an “as needed” basis.

Recording Services

* Digital recording

* QuickScript Recording

* Post Production: Editing, Mixing & Pre-Mastering

* 5.1 Surround Sound Mixing

* Original Music/Scoring

* Sound Design & Audio Restoration

Production Services

* Creative & Technical Consultation

* Session Coordination & Supervision

* Casting & Directing

* Translation, Localization & Subtitling

* Talent Contract Negotiation, Administration, & Payroll

* AFTRA / SAG Signatory